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How good of you to consider visiting this page :-)

I'll empty your wallet if you want the following:

  • To be able to moderate and/or sanction your users
  • OR restrict read or write access to users (Use of "private" translations)
  • AND You fund your service with:
    • in-service advertising (banners etc)
    • paid downloads ("$4.99 at iTunes store" etc)
    • freemium content ("$70 to buy easy-mode" etc)
    • taxes, grants, donations etc.

For some larger projects (particularly open source projects), we'll happily waive any payment and lift restrictions.

Please get in touch with us at stating the subscriber ID you received after signing up at the demo page. If you'd like restrictions waived please state that you and/or your business do not fund your service as above and where we can find that service to check - the restrictions should be lifted within two business days. Otherwise please state what you're looking for and attach any Non-Disclosure Agreement for review.

Accounts with waivers

Please note that these accounts are subject to review; should a waived account appear no longer to abide by the above requirements, we reserve the right to revoke the waiver until the matter is resolved. If this happens, you will be contacted at the email address with which you contacted us. If the matter isn't or cannot be resolved, we also reserve the right to suspend access to our service from yours.