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What would it mean to have an artistic piece that can have its content changed? For instance, Hamlet can already be read in the original Klingon. And we already know that changing content is a technique currently reserved to others.

But what if the public could change that content, what film would Blair Witch Project, or Gone With The Wind end up being? This service allows language content to be separated from the artwork; what could a comic on a webpage look like if the artist is no longer constrained by speech bubbles? A future Mike Moore could create a "Fahrenheit 9/11" without any language at all, and let the public provide the commentary as best they see it; some pieces being better, others not. What would "better" look like?

The csi18n service can change the communication balance between artist and audience changing the former into a creator of worlds, and the latter into the populator of that world. It'll be interesting to see if it finds artistic use.