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These pages intended for developers

Technical overview

General prerequisite knowledge
You should know what an API is and when you would use one; what the HTTP methods are; and you should appreciate how a RESTful web service differs from Arbitrary web services. This knowledge is applicable to the wider internet, not just to this service.

Specific prerequisite knowledge
This service introduces the concept of the newmark; you'll also need to know about the use of linked-lists to persist data, and the differing use of date and time used here. This is a beta service, so I'm particularly after security, http, RESTful as well as design bugs.

An indepth walkthrough of a basic exchange between a client and server is provided.

Storyboards are a scripted series of exchanges between client and server to accomplish some end: you may find here insight in how to accomplish ends of your own.

Interacting with the demopages, at least one of which is no-sign-up

Ready to take it further?

Technical reference
Probably the most detailed documentation of this service in the world