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The 'Dredd' page can be found at http://www.csi18n.com/dredd.

The code for the page can be found at https://github.com/Csi18nAlistairMann/dredd

The page is targeted at current iPads: if you visit from a computer and find it too large, using ctrl-- and ctrl-+ to zoom, ctrl-0 to reset zoom.


The page's purpose is to demonstrate possibilities that can flow as a consequence of using the csi18n service.

First, by being computer-based rather than paper-based, the artist can rethink the boundaries of his work: observe that the Dredd example page dispenses with both edge borders, inter-frame borders, even the inter-page border.

Second, while the translations could have been kept in place as per the original, they are here left hidden until the user requests them by touching between visible characters.

These two consequences together make a substantive change to how the writer/artist and reader interact: Brian Bolland's imagery is now even more claustrophobic, and the story now unrolls with both producer and consumer travelling at the same speed.